Embrace Your Smartphone Temptation

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How does PresentMode work?

Simple. Just click the app, and …

  • All notifications are paused, except calls
    You’re present

  • Auto-replies let people know how to reach you
    You’re reachable

  • The screen closes, and PresentMode is displayed
    You’re giving presence

PresentMode is a total game changer in my life, it simply allows me to pause the chaos, and achieve so much more.”

Rabbi Yosef Harlig
Miami, FL

PresentMode is one of the best applications I could use in both my professional and personal life. PresentMode enables me to be present, in the moment and add value to my relationships without the impedance of my phone. I cannot understand how I conducted business prior to being Present.”

Michael Gray
Director of Sales and Marketing

TechnologyXperts, Inc.

“PresentMode gives me peace of mind to spend time with and tend to the needs of my family without feeling pressured to constantly look at the phone. It allows me to make my family time focused just as I would in a business meeting.”

Rivky Friedman
Waxman Chabad Center - Cleveland, OH

Get an upgrade to living. Use PresentMode.

The story of PresentMode

PresentMode’s founder, Rabbi Yossi Marozov, is director of Friendship Circle of Cleveland, an organization that pairs teenagers with exceptional children for face-to-face social interaction.

Rabbi Yossi observed the dedicated and selfless teens glancing often at their smartphones, which affected the quality of friendship and validation during these social get-togethers.

Inspired by the teachings of Rabbi M. Schneerson—that within every tool lies the capacity for both positive and negative—he created a new, simple mode that turns the smartphone into an inspiring tool for giving presence.

PresentMode helps users be more successful, by leveraging the power of smartphones to build better relationships, and more personal productivity.

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